Digital Playground – VR/AR Gaming

Children are curious by nature and eager to learn

With our Digital Playground VR & AR code module we can help children discover more about the city and nature environment they are staying in, in a simple and fun way. By using their smart phones.

Over 60% of kids 10+ have a smart phone these days and this rises sharply to 91% I the 13+ category. The chances of them using them in the kids club are high, so why not put them to good use and use them to learn exciting and interesting new things about their environment.

Above all the Kids & Youth Club where the Digital Playground is situated is cool, hip and a welcoming place for children. A place to relax, unwind, learn new things and get rid of the excess energy that can be a thorn in the side of parents.

Children can connect and communicate with other kids in different Hotels through Smart phone technology and simple apps, thus creating a large network of The Kids & Youth Club fans. This increases the chances of repeat business of travellers who frequently visit multiple destinations.

Looking for a digital playground for different age groups, just let us know, we can provide this for you!

Our latest project: Digital VR gaming adapted in a sophisticated & subtle way:
Want to know more what we can do with the Digital Playground? Contact us for more information or contact us by filling in the form below, thanks!

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